Who Am I?

A very good question!  Thanks for asking.

I am a mother, living in the Southern Ontario city of Guelph.  I have one exceptional little daughter, little A, who, at the time of writing this, is 28 months old. I co-sleep, breastfed until last month (i got really sick and had to stop), still babywear occasionally and work with the principles of the continuum concept, unconditional parenting and playfulness.

I live with her father, currently, who I am not coupled with, but with whom I parent our child and give her a loving sense of family.  We are definitely NOT the nuclear family.

I am a reiki master, masseuse (not RMT), general purveyor of knowledge concerning things that help your body work to its fullest capacity.

I am a Leo and a red spectral skywalker.  Sometimes, I believe in astrology.

I love to Love, laugh, mother, build community, nurture the Earth, orgasm, eat delicious things, do yoga, meditate, walk, breathe, sing, dance, be naked, touch soft things, smell the roses (and all the other fine things in the world), hang out with rocks and trees, learn, worship and generally enjoy this fine creation of Life.

And if you find archetypes helpful: in my life I have been the traveler, the maiden, the mother, the child, the chef, the healer, the priestess, the victim, the monk, the activist, the hippy, the psychedelic warrior, the Kali-ma, the entrepreneur, the daughter, the lover, the wife ….

If you want to know anything else, just ask.  I have nothing to hide and we all have something to gain by sharing our experiences truthfully.


2 responses

10 04 2010
Sheila Pratt

Kudos and Blessings on this beautiful site, Meme! Hugs to A! xoxoxo

26 04 2010

Wow! Much love Meme! Your activatedness is catching! So haapy for your work in the world!

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