purslane and egg salad

26 06 2012

i’m posting on my old blog because I don’t like publishing things on facebook directly.  then they might try to say they own stuff of mine and that’s just not OK.


However, I wanted to share this awesome thing I just made with you. No, I don’t have pictures because I ate it all already. 😛  It was a creamy, purslane and egg salad.  It was delicious!!


I took two eggs and hard boiled them, and meanwhile took about an 1/8th of a large onion and chopped it finely.  Then I took a hand ful of purslane, chopped it up coarsely and a handful of shelling peas (shelled) and threw it all in a bowl.  When the eggs were cooked and cooled I chopped them in and added a dollop (love that word!) of mayo  and salt and pepper to taste.  HOLY DELICIOUS!

Well, I didn’t think I would eat all of it because it was a lot of food. but I did and was it ever yummy.

Hope you enjoy it, if you try it!





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