Assorted Saturdays: Complete overhaul in store

14 08 2010

With a bar of handmade, raw chocolate in hand, I gather the strength to announce: the blog is going to receive a full-blown overhaul!

I am going to take down this blog and create a new and improved blog!

You will still have fun insights about food, parenting, life and love.  I will not be moving the whole blog, but will be keeping some of the posts when I move.  Unfortunately, that means that we will lose the comments, but I know we will be able to have great and broader conversations at the new blog.

It also means that if you have subscribed (thank you to all of you!) that you will have to resubscribe at the new blog, which I will ensure will be easy.

I feel like this is the best decision so that I can create the best content for you and create the most success for me, and hopefully some of you too!

Thanks for your patience as I recreate the new blog.  It will be worth it.





2 responses

15 08 2010

Look forward to seeing it!

15 08 2010

me too! it’s coming along nicely. 🙂

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