Momma Mondays: quickie post

9 08 2010

Today was a day of traveling.  And, of visiting family from England.  So, this blog is a quick post.

Today, I learned how to make dogs out of balloons, with my daughter, my step mom and her sister.  it’s things like this that remind me of the pure joy of mothering. (We did, indeed take pictures, but not on my camera, so, until tomorrow, there are no pics… sorry!)

I love the pure experience of play.  Just being totally involved with the journey of playing, without any expectation of true outcome.  The balloons were blown and truly, the dog creation was quite secondary to the act of pumping the balloons, tying them and then playing with them without tying them to look like anything.

We seem to lose this in adulthood, looking towards results rather than experiences, goals instead of journeys.

I give so much thanks to my daughter for the experience of motherhood, the journey that it is, knowing that the true results will never be shown, as I will, hopefully, be long gone before she ends her life, and her children’s children will go on, all part of the journey we are experiencing now.

I like the free form of the journey, rather than the structure of results, for most things.  Definitely, little A’s life is so much based on experience rather than goals.  I find that when the I put goals in front of her, for many things, I find that she either forgets about the goal, or, once it is accomplished, she is fairly non-plussed about it, because it means that the game is over.

She knows that the game doesn’t end.  And she teaches me this all the time.





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