Writing Wednesdays – but it’s my birthday

4 08 2010

Today, I am turn 29!

I am so excited! It is wonderful! and, while I am spending it with my family, I wanted to throw some writing love into the mix, and keep with the whole blog thing.

So, a short post today, but I figure I can be lenient with myself as I will never again turn 29! (not like some folks out there who magically turn 29 every year…..)

The latest news on the writing front is that I have finished through my first edit/read through of my novel! And, because of that, I actually have a good idea of what I want it to look like, in finished form.  And, I have a lot of good material to make it with. 

However, there is a LOT of work to be done on it.  Writing a 50K novel in a  month (NaNoWriMo) is simple compared to the immense task of taking those 50K words and turning them into something that many people would actually want to read. 

So, that is my major project in writing right now.  Here is a little excerpt from it, to tantalize your writing taste buds:

There was a happiness that I wished to hang about my neck like a string of pearls every moment. I wanted it to melt on my tongue like an everlasting chocolate truffle, rich and creamy. This happiness was nourishing, like a hearty stew on a frosty autumn day. It satisfied the cells like oasis water. It was the point of Life, I was sure, and what I always strove for.

Somewhere along the Path I stopped finding that happiness within me. I started looking outside for the feeling. The scenery had been so stunning, so inspiring for so long that I forgot how to find the magic in the everyday.

I wanted fireworks, light shows and the most activated beings I could find.

But, everyday is just every day. It is the hauling water and chopping wood. It is cooking, cleaning, changing diapers and folding laundry.

When I birthed Asteria, my life became the every day. Everyday was a new discovery, a new and infinite way to love. Everyday was a challenge: how to find magic in the midst of a thousand diapers, dishes from three days ago and meals from cans and boxes made over several hours, between feedings, changings, burps and gas pains.

I had thought that my community would help fill in the blanks of the everyday, while I took care of my daughter and basked in her magic.

But, everyday is just every day. It is not fire works, it does not come with a thousand simultaneous explosions of unrelenting bliss. It simply is.

What do you think?

Now, off to my beautiful daughter and the package of balloons she bought me for my birthday (“me want you to have balloons mama pud they me favourite thing and me want you to share it.” so sweet!!)





4 responses

4 08 2010

I want to know more about that community … the one you thought would fill in … did it live up to your expectations and desires? Or didn’t it? Why or why not? How do you feel about it now …?

Can’t wait to read your book when it’s done!

8 08 2010

did it live up to my expectations? well, let me just say this: I am living, by myself with my daughter in an apartment in the City. so, no.
how do I feel about it now? resigned. sad. angry sometimes. but mostly just accepting. there’s not too much I can do to be with those people and I know they did their best. But, sometimes their best just doesn’t involve being supportive to a mother and child. I have to accept that we’re just all at this place in the world now.

4 08 2010
Mama Jedi

it is lavishly colorful writing meme
very good
and yes
it makes me want to know more
much more

8 08 2010

thank you!

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