The results are in: The new layout of this blog

2 08 2010

Only one person commented about my last post, which I am incredibly grateful for.  So, seeing as how she is the only person with input, I am going to assume that all my readers feel the same way (as no one posted any differently) and create a new layout based on her input. Kudos Rashel!

I am going to try writing everyday, and because I feel like I need more structure I am going to have a different theme everyday, unless I am doing a “series” on something in particular, and then I will throw the structure out the window for the good of the idea at the time.  You’ve been warned. 🙂

So, here’s the layout based on days.  I tried to use alliteration as much as possible, as I find alliteration to be very pleasing and memorable. I hope you all like alliteration.  (In case you don’t know what alliteration is: alliteration is a poetic device in which the author uses the same letter or sounds to start each word in a stanza, like: murmuring moonbeams muffling the moan of more mundane malice.  Something like that….)

Momma Mondays:  insights into mothering, parenting and all things child related, including updates on my family (with more pictures ever)

Tending Tuesdays: tending the garden that is!  (yes, I realize that tending tuesdays might be a bit of a stretch from gardening, but remember: alliteration folks!!!)  This is where I will explore my forray into urban agriculture, update you with pictures and harvest details from my plot and hopefully inspire more people to grow more of their own food.

Writing Wednesdays: exploring writing, sharing work and generally expounding on my ever-evolving writing career.

Thrilling Thursdays:  At least once a week I have a major epiphany (often, it is the same epiphany, only learned a new way).  It is thrilling, this ride of Life, and here is where I share the lessons, enjoyments and general thrills of Life thus far.

Foodie Fridays:  Ever want to know how to ferment your own zucchini relish?  Me too!  Let’s explore traditional foods, preservation methods and recipes together!

Assorted Saturdays:  This is kind of an “anything goes” type of day.  This is whatever assortment of thing that I feel inspired to talk about.  Maybe it will be activism, maybe sex, maybe sleep or maybe even my big toe.  We’ll see when we get there.

Sacred Sundays: what’s spirit got to do with it?  Sundays is where you can find out!  What does spirituality look like to me? How do I explore it? How can we explore together?

That is the line-up/run-down of how this blog is going to be structured from here on to infinity.  Well, maybe not infinity.  Let’s try it for a bit and see if we like it first, shall we?

So, I will see you tomorrow with a garden story, that will have no pictures of my garden, as I am visiting my family right now.  So, stay tuned for a completely interesting and bi-located entry.





3 responses

3 08 2010

I love it!!! And I’m hoping it inspires me to get more organized and just start writing, too !One thing that popped into my head was that many “mom bloggers” or other mama friends I know who blog do a thing called Wordless Wednesdays … though a day for writing is a great idea for you 🙂 I can’t wait to read more of your thoughts!

3 08 2010

what is wordless wednesdays?

I hope it does inspire you. I hope it inspires me too!!

3 08 2010

Wordless Wednesdays is a blog of pictures, no words, just pictures that speak a thousand words.

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