Cosmic alignment and commitment to my path

30 07 2010

On June 26th, 2010, while G20 protesters experienced their new government policies, a cardinal grand cross cosmic alignment happened.  On a full moon, with a solar eclipse.  This was a great day for cosmic alignment. I don’t follow astrology too closely, not wanting to allow mercury in retrograde to colour my world every so often, but I do recognize that there are planetary/cosmic alignments that happen.  Whether they cause what astrologers believe or not, I am unsure.  However, I feel that any cosmic alignment is meaningful in some way and like to acknowledge them as such.

After reading so much about the G20, learning that my friends were arrested, imprisoned, abused and generally not happy, I gathered with many other souls on Earth to pray for Life.  I feel that sometimes, the power of prayer is all I have.  There was nothing I could do to change what was happening in Toronto, much like there was nothing I could do to cap the oil volcano in the Gulf of Mexico.  But I can always pray.  I can always use reiki.  I can always send out Love and connect to the Source of All Things.

In meditation and prayer, I sat for an hour, grateful that little A’s daddy had her that night, so I could focus.  I sat an opened to Love and focused all I could.

And, as I was coming out of the prayer, I decided, in this one moment of cosmic alignment, to ask a question (just one): Dear Universe, what am I supposed to be doing for money?

Because, well, a lot of things were not panning out.  The sewing that I figured I would be doing was stopped short one night when Little A, trying to help mama sew, somehow jammed dear Stella’s reverse stitch lever into a place that would allow me to only sew wider than 3 length stitches.  More like basting than sewing, really.  So, no wonderful sewed items until I made some money to pay for repairs on the sewing machine.

And the massage, well, that was going but some part of me just couldn’t move it forward.  I love massage, but I couldn’t see myself doing it, day in and day out.  Not as well as raising little A.  To put all that healing energy out requires a big healing energy in, and I was just not able to do it, so was feeling drained, tired, frustrated…. But, enjoying it none the less.

So, I wanted to know, how do I make money?  I asked the cosmos, in its grand alignment, to spit out an answer.

And there, at the forefront of my consciousness was: WRITE.

And I laughed.  Because, I’ve known this for awhile, and have just not been doing it.  I wrote a novel, but didn’t edit it.  I wrote a book about reiki and didn’t publish it in print format.  I wrote poetry but didn’t read it.  I wrote an article for the newspaper but didn’t pursue more.

So, now I’m committing to it.  Writing.  I am editing my novel. I am finding a publisher for my books.  I am reading at poetry slams and applying for freelance positions.  I want to write more of this blog, and I feel that it is too broad.  Because I *could* write about anything, I end up writing nothing.  So, I want to know: what do you, my readers, want to read about?

Here is a list of topics that you could read about:

– mothering/my family stuffs

– environmental education/activism

– my writing/poetry

–  my adventures in urban agriculture

– my thoughts on spirituality

– my experience eating traditional foods (there’d be some recipes me thinks)

– my experience with the wonders of nature, including wild crafting, outings etc.

And, anything else you think I might be interested in writing about, that you want to read about.  Don’t say real estate though, cause I’ll tell you in advance: I’m not into it. ;P

Another option is having two blogs, one more general and one more focused.  But that seems a little exciting right now.

I really appreciate all feedback so that I can retain focus and move forward with writing as a form of making money.  Blogging will help with my resume, and also, with my writing skills.  (maybe even other things, if it ever gets big).





2 responses

30 07 2010

Here are my thoughts – I’d love to read about all the subjects you posted, personally, I’m a whole person with lots of interests and would love to read what you have to say about all sorts of things. If and when you are able to make an income with your blog then maybe you’d separate your blogs out in to different categories. For now, you’ll attract lots of different people you don’t know to your blog when you write about various things. You can use this blog as a way to experiment, to try out various kinds and forms and content of writing, and not worry about being turned down. This can be your experimentation! And you may even find that someone stumbles upon it and wants to reprint something you’ve written here. Writing is flexible with you have a child so it makes sense. I had a similar epiphany about writing a few years ago – it just made sense and it’s what I’d been doing since I could write. It nourishes my soul and I feel less whole without a pencil and paper and creative expression. It also allows me to stay home with my children (though it doesn’t make me any money yet – but that’s my own fault) and it’s something I’ll always be able to do. I’m glad that your heart spoke to you and I’m so sorry to hear about your sewing machine! I’d love to know how to sew and think it’s an incredibly useful skill but the the Uni-verse must have something else planned for you if your machine is broken. Good Luck!

2 08 2010

thanks for the input rashel. 🙂

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