Time to talk about Oil

4 06 2010

PLEASE NOTE:  I have edited this since my original post because it was pointed out to me, graciously, by some dear friends, that I did, actually fail in not becoming some sort of doomsdayer.  So, I have edited my post to be less sensational.  Thank you to friends grounded in a reality where doom doesn’t occur.

I’ve been avoiding it for a while.  And, yes, this is a short post.  There is so much I could talk about right now that I’m limiting my post so that I retain coherency and don’t become some sort of raving doomsdayer by the end of it.

Let’s talk about  The BP oil “spill”.

Wait. Spill?  Isn’t that what happens when you drop a cup of water on the floor?  To gain the scope of how far the oil has currently spread, let’s look at this little map.  Just type in your location at the top and see how big the oil spill is relation to your area.  So, now, let’s properly name this: Oil Eruption perhaps?  Perhaps Oil Disaster?

BP and the American government are doing their best to control outcry, renege responsibility and play down the event, that we are unsure as to the real numbers.

We do know some things though: we know that it is not, and will not be, easily contained.  We know that the oil geyser still not controlled.  We know that there is not just surface oil, but oil that is moving deep below the surface in plumes of oil.  We do not know the effects of this.

So, that’s the doom-and-gloom of it. And yes, I am scared.  I am horrified.  I am saddened and grieved.  I am angry.  I feel powerless.  And I know that it’s OK to feel these things, because allowing myself emotion gets me out of paralysis, out of panic and into amazing action.

I can find ways to use my personal skill set to deal with the problem and move towards something more Life affirming.

In relation to the oil eruption/disaster, specifically, there’s little that I can do.  I can pray.  I can encourage government and BP to find ways of containing it, and encourage them to stop the usage of dispersants (which aggravate the problem, not lessen it).  I can encourage my local salons to send the hair they cut to the clean up effort. I can encourage governments to not allow offshore drilling anymore, so we don’t encounter this again, once we’ve gotten through it.

But really, my personal skill set is not able to stop the oil spill.  My personal skill set can not stop the Gulf Stream from moving air and water around the globe.

My personal skill set lies more in creating self-sufficiency, away from oil dependent life.

I am learning how to grow my own food.  I engage with my community.  I have gotten rid of the car.  I buy less things.  I buy my food locally. These are things we all can do.

In the end, whether this is an extinction event or not, it is happening.  We can’t make it un-happen.  And it is unfolding as it is.  Let’s use it as an opportunity make a choice to value what is important: oil or Life? and move on from there.

In the coming days, I will be doing a series on transitioning away from oil dependency, and how that might look in everyday life.




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