Some creationings

13 05 2010

Yup!  that’s my new word “creationings”.  An active verb form of creations, turned into a noun again.  Gotta love language!

The last few days, I’ve been creating like crazy.  I have a dear friend out West who just had a baby and who I really wish I could be in closer contact with.  However, I am still learning the fine art of correspondence.  I wanted to make her and her family members some pretty special things, when I finally do contact her, to express, in creative materialism, how much I care for her and her family.

For her littlest baby, I made a receiving blanket.  I put as much love, comfort and safety as I could psychically muster into the sewing of this, with material that I got from the thrift store for $2. 🙂

For her eldest daughter (age 6), I’m making an orange dress out of a long sleeved shirt of mine that one of the arms fell off of (this was a VERY well loved shirt).  This has been the most challenging part, as I: a) don’t actually know her size as I haven’t seen her in almost a year.  b) do not know what she likes to wear these days, for aforementioned reason and c) have never made a children’s dress out of anything, much less an old shirt.

However, this has not stopped me from doing it.  The sleeves are ruffled, the bottom will be ruffled as well.  The little flap on the back is for a secret pocket, that I will make, and put a stone or something magic in it for her.

My first challenge came with trying to figure out correct tension on my sewing machine.  This took me about 1/2 hour of experimenting on random scraps + 1/2 hour of researching thread tension online and then about another 15 minutes to experiment more on the machine.  Luckily, Stella is a very loving sewing machine and once we figured out the problem, got right to work making perfect little stitches.

My second challenge came in trying to figure out arm holes.  What are they like?  How do you cut them so they are comfortable for a six year old?  How thick are six year old arms?  After trying to extrapolate from little A and visualize my friend’s daughter the last time I saw her, I made some cuts and went about my sewing.

My third challenge came in feeling like maybe they wouldn’t like my gifts.  “But what if it: doesn’t fit/doesn’t suit her/she doesn’t like it/it looks crappy on her/she thinks I’m silly for sewing her something/she thinks the quality is not good enough? etc etc etc”.

My answer to all of them is: it’s the thought that counts.  I remember all the strange and wonderful things that my dear sister (of spirit) Saera Little Space has made for little A.  I’m not sure that little A has actually worn any of them.  However, she does love them, we keep them and are very appreciative of the thought put into the gift.  So, I’m hoping that she LOVES it, and if not, she at least is happy that we are thinking of her enough to create her a dress. 🙂

I also made a skirt, for my friend.

At first, it was going to be a skirt for her 6 yr old daughter, but in the end, it ended up being just under my size, so I thought I’d give it to her instead. 🙂  I didn’t use a pattern (haven’t quite got the guts to tackle that yet….) and made it up as I went along.  This was a really fun way to sew, and it was surprising to see how the piece of fabric evolved.  This was also made from a piece of fabric found at a thrift store.  I think it was $2.75. 😉  I love thrift store fabric scores!

Sewing has been keeping me sane.  It keeps me task focused so that I don’t get overwhelmed by my emotional state, which could be described as tumultuous at best.  Little A loves playing with the thread, and has “sewn” many “fanny packs” already. 🙂 This weekend I intend to focus more on money making, but for now, a good dose of creationing has filled my heart with Joy.




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13 05 2010

I would loooove for you to put your creations, especially baby/toddler things, on Etsy. I am a huge fan of Etsy, and would love to buy your lovely creations. 🙂 Especially for Lily!

14 05 2010

Thanks Helen!! I will actually be putting my creations on Etsy, as soon as I have a bunch of stuff to offer. I’m sure there will be lots for little girls (as I’ve got one too!). I’ll let everyone know hwen the Etsy store is up. I’ll also be able to do custom work. 🙂

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