the Heart of Business?

11 05 2010

I recently found this site: the Heart Of Business.  I perused it and, at first, found it to be just another new-agey, give me money for an ebook kinda scam.  However, some of the stuff I read immediately caught my heart.  So, I signed up for the e-newsletter, read the blog, read a bunch of articles and downloaded some of his free information.

And, I must say, it has really been eye-opening.  I no longer think that he’s just a new agey flake trying to sell me the same knowledge that should be free anyways, that everyone else is selling (namely, the whole “law of attraction” stuffs).

I’m going into business now.  I have officially moved, officially have to pay rent, and officially have to support myself financially.  The blatant evidence-based reality of it all is a little overwhelming.  I must have an income.

This is something that I have not done in quite a number of years.

I have been going about my days not really paying too much attention to money, choosing the don’t-think-about-it-and-it-won’t-stress-you-out approach, which is fine, as I have not been stressing out about it.  However, I have also not had an income.  So, it was mostly not stressing out about spending Chris’ money, which was also quite easy.

Now, I have to think about it, because I’m the one making the money (or going to be making the money).  I have to look money in the eye and say “hey, let’s get along and spend lots of time together.” which is something that definitely has made me quite uncomfortable in the past.

There was always the idea of not having enough.  Or needing more.  Or going without because I was worried that when the time came to pay rent or hydro or whatever, there wouldn’t be enough.

There was always the idea of poverty, having not grown up with much money, poverty was something that has been conditioned into me.  Though I am very grateful to have been raised simply, due to lack of money to do otherwise, I also got into the idea that I couldn’t have money.

There’s the idea that having money is somehow dirty or oppressive.  I thought that having money somehow made me an evil, corporate whore of sorts.

There’s the idea that wanting to have money is somehow greedy, materialistic, egotistical or selfish.  That having money would mean that I was not living up to my spiritual ideals.

There’s the idea that I should still be able to get everything I need without money, which I proved by living without money for a couple of years.  (This line of thinking has since been disbanded as I am not really able/willing to squat with a small child, dumpster with a small child or go to drop-ins with a small child.)

All of these things have kept me from having money.

However, in the last year or so, I’ve been coming closer and closer to an understanding with money.

I now know why I want money.  Which seems obvious, but really wasn’t to me.  I have defined it now: I want money to support farmers and artists and to give myself a healthy, safe and loving space to live in.  That’s it.  With that in mind, I am better able to choose my purchases, to feel comfortable using my money on art, and to take care of myself.  Great!

However, I didn’t really know about how to get money, without feeling somehow dirty, or like I was taking something from someone that they would need for other things, besides what I have to offer.

Hanging out on the Heart of Business website has given me a lot of good perspective as to how to do it.

The answer: connect with my Heart.

I love this site, because it is all about how you can connect to your heart in all your money/business decisions.  It’s about being present with where you are at, in terms of ability to offer service. It is about remembering that the Heart connection to the Divine comes before any money, and all money decisions need to be made in service to the Divine, in total Love.

It reminds me that it is important for people doing heart-centered work to succeed financially so that the face of our business world shifts to something more heart-centered.  We need people centered in Love and Kindness to be running businesses, and being really successful at it, so that the money movers and shakers have Love in mind, instead of greed.

So, with this in mind, I come to today.  Today, like tomorrow and all the days following it, is a day that I must focus on my business, starting it up, organizing marketing, income goals, supplies etc. So, today, I created a budget, presented it to a funder (aka, a close friend of mine) and organized as many supplies as I could.

And then, with total knowledge that this was exactly what I needed to be doing to make money, I sewed all afternoon.  I sewed a receiving blanket for a new baby and a skirt for a good friend of mine in BC.  I realized that, ultimately, I want to be sewing more than anything else (well, maybe embroidering too!), right now.  That this is the way I want to be in service to the Earth (by using scrap/recycled materials) and to people (by offering creative and lovely costume).  So, I need to practice.  A lot!

I feel good about what I am doing.  I feel good about starting a business.  I feel, for the first time, like I could actually make enough  money while still maintaining a healthy relationship with money.

So, thanks to Mark, who runs the Heart of Business site.  And thanks to whatever random link-through got me to the site.




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11 05 2010

Nice post—thanks for sharing 🙂

11 05 2010


12 05 2010

This is the best description of money (why it may be needed), work and being ever-mindful of the heart, of your essence. You have really inspired me, as a being living from the heart and the single mama of three, who is looking for just such a realization about what work would serve the Earth, my family and my heart.

12 05 2010

Thank you! Many blessings to you in your journey too mama!

13 05 2010
Mark Silver

I’m so pleased you stuck around and pushed and prodded to see what was there. I so love your description of your relationship with money, and I resonate completely with how you described it all.

Thank you for your kind words and your generosity.

If you have any recommendations/thoughts about what initially turned you off about our site and might have made it easier for you to enter I’d love to hear it.

13 05 2010

Hi Mark!
I’m surprised you found this post. Welcome to my blog. Thank you for putting out this great information.
I will email you with my thoughts about the website.

13 05 2010
Mark Silver

The wonders of Google Search. 🙂 I’m looking forward to your email.

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