The Wind and The Rain

8 05 2010

(this post turned into a rainy afternoon musing, so I hope you enjoy it with that in mind)

I love the rain.  I am so glad that it is here now.  Pouring down on the Earth, gifting the soils with the abundance of Life.

I love the cleansing nature of rain.  I love feeling the rain streaming down my face, clearing any tears, emotions or thoughts that might need a good washing off.  I have been finding that this particular rainstorm is so cleansing, with its incredibly powerful winds.  Blowing all the old out, washing all the old away.  Bringing in the new over and over again.

I feel this in my emotions too.  As I am now in my new house, away from Chris, I have a lot to shed.  Layers and layers of emotions, thoughts, patterns and conditionings that have piled up over the last three years.  I let the wind blow them away; I let the rain wash them off.

One thing that has been coming up, that I offer to the rain, is judgment.  I have a lot of judgment towards Chris and the way that he lives, and specifically, the way he interacts with little A.  Of course, I want the absolute best for little A, and have a pretty good idea of what that is.  And it’s not necessarily what Chris offers.

But that is a judgment on him, and on his actions.  By all measures, little A is perfectly happy with Chris and thrives in his care.  She gets experiences with him that she just wouldn’t get with me, because they are not what I would do with a child.  However, she thrives on these experiences, and finds much comfort and silliness in her daddy.

She still gets tons of Love.  She still gets good food.  She still gets a lot of space to explore, discover and create.

So, I release with this wind the judgment and allow Chris to be the shining father that he is, even if sometimes he does things that I would consider “not ideal”.

It is so clearing to just allow others to be.  It gives people space to exist and express themselves in ways that could otherwise be squashed in the face of judgment.  It breeds flexibility, as we move to allow others to exist and they move to allow us to do the same.

Trees in the wind are such a great reminder of flexibility.  To remember to move with the winds, instead of fighting against them, allows us to continue moving forward.  When we lose our flexibility, we lose our ability to change, and so, we break.

My dear friend Bloodbeard has a great email signature.  It says “sometimes change seems impossible, but it’s actually not. change is inevitable.”  So, if we forget that change is, in fact, inevitable, then we can become rigid.  I see this so much in Life.  They are so convinced that circumstances can’t change that they are almost holding the circumstances stable with their rigidity.

I’ve done this a bunch myself.

But, luckily for me (and us all) there is wind and rain to remind me of letting go, allowing, bending, moving and clearing with a good dose of abundance and nourishment.




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