The Great Parade

25 04 2010

Today, the “Hooray for Spring” parade took place.  It was a nice, grey, cold spring day.  Perfect for celebrating all the joys of Spring.

The turnout was small, as not too may folks really felt like braving the cold and wet.  We had about 10 families show up, which was great!  I felt it would be a success if more than just E and my families showed up.

One family decorated their bicycles.

A couple families painted faces.  We had shakers and little creatures on sticks (thanks to E).

We paraded around the streets around the park.  Cars honked and people waved.

(the back of the parade and E and her son parading)

Generally, the adults were making much more noise than the children.

(me in my spring costume making noise)

Little A dressed up in a dog costume (surprise!)

It was a very fun event.  I’m glad that E and I organized it.

Now for some thoughts that came up around it.

First of all, community building!  It is so important to get people out and doing things together.  The reason is usually secondary to just getting together and getting to know one another.  Today’s community building activity was intended, partially, on my end, to inspire other parents to have fun.  Sometimes I feel like as we age, we lose the ability to play.  We think that play is for children and don’t allow space for it in “adult” life.

What’s up with that??

Play is so integral to evolution, to moving forward in life.  Having a good laugh and getting silly is one of the best remedies for any foul mood I might be in.  It keeps me thinking creatively, keeps me laughing and most of all keeps me happy.  It was wonderful today to see moms dressed up in face paint, costumes and banging on cow bells.  It is just so refreshing to see adult expressions of play. Members of the community got to see some of the members in a different light, away from the doldrums of pushing swings and mediating sand play.  We got to see each other as playful, creative people coming together to have fun!  We didn’t need to talk, we just needed to make noise, celebrate and make sure the children didn’t stray too far.

Some of the parents didn’t celebrate.  They didn’t play.  They wanted to talk, or visit, which is also wonderful.  That builds community too.  By having a stronger community, where we accept and celebrate all aspects of the members, we give ourselves a wellspring of emotional and mental strength on which to draw.  We create bonds of friendship and neighbourliness that allow us to do and create more than by ourselves.  It gives our children a sense of belonging.  It gives us a sense of belonging. Which is so important to create in this disconnected society.

Sometimes I think that community building is what will get us through the immense challenges we are facing on our Earth (namely climate change and peak oil).  Without each other, we will not have the strength, resources or support to move through these challenges and come out the other end. We need each other, and hopefully, this parade created a sense of belonging.

My favourite part was when one little boy, probably around 7 years old (dressed as a Teutonic knight) told me that this was the Best Parade Ever.  Things like that warm my heart.

Next year, I hope more people will brave the rain, if it comes on our parade day.  For now, I will just bask in the wonders of community.

(here is a video of the start of the parade:)




2 responses

26 04 2010
Whitney Willow

You’re parade reminds me of the annual May Day Water parade in Winlaw, BC.

26 04 2010
sarah g.

how loverly 🙂

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