they don’t make shirts for saggy breasts

22 04 2010

In North America, the land of eternal youth (HA!) we really try to hide all parts of “real” life.   We use all sorts of items, creams, clothing, dyes and make-ups, sold to us of course, to make ourselves look the idea of youth.  We are afraid of the Crone and Sage with their wrinkled skin, grey hair and sagging breasts and skin.

North America has glorified young as being the only way to be attractive.   Old ladies certainly don’t have sex anymore.

I remember seeing some wonderful pictures of old tribal women in Africa.  They were naked and decorated with beautiful beads and their breasts were hanging down to nearly their belly buttons: testament to a full life as maiden, mother and crone.

I remember thinking that it’s about time breastfeeding was sexy, sagging, empty breasts were hot and children got the nourishment they were created to receive from our bodies.  I remember thinking that I was going to glory in my saggy, empty breasts after I was done breastfeeding, letting them hang and sag as far as they needed to go, without primping them up in a perky bra.  No, I was going to be the woman who changed the perception of post-baby breasts.

Well, now I am that post-breastfed woman.  My full, lush breasts have shrunk back down towards their original size (which was about as small as breasts get) and have, of course, sagged.

It is really obvious to me when I wear the shirt I am currently wearing.  It’s a nice fitted number that has seams around where the bottom of your breasts are supposed to be, to accentuate your perky, youthful ladies. Mine hang a good 2 inches below that line.  And, honestly, it looks awkward.  It looks like I should be wearing a bra, confining my little saggy ladies to a life of perky conformity and hiding the badge of honour I wear as a mother who breastfed for over 2 years.

I like the look of my breasts now.  I remember all the wonderful things that these saggy breasts have given.  They have built the body of my child for the first six months of her life, exclusively.  They have given her immune system an amazing start by pumping her full of all the anti-bodies that I have created in my life.  They have given her brain a wonderful boost with essential omega fats.  They have provided her with emotional support and spiritual support through learning how to be a little human.  They continue to offer her comfort, grounding and bliss, as she still rubs and spends time with them everyday.

(this is a great picture of me all dressed to the nines and nursing in a little goddess space.  I think little A is about 4 months here.)

I look at how much little A worships my breasts.  She rubs, nuzzles, kisses, fluffles, hugs, cuddles and snuggles my breasts.  She says she heals them (she does!).   She loves them so much.  She recognizes the amazing gift that they are, which is such a great reminder to me, to honour them in the same way.

I firmly believe that the reason that breastfeeding mothers have less of a risk of breast cancer is because, when you breastfeed, your breasts get SOOO much love and worship.  How could a cancer possibly live in that environment of love and worship?

And wearing bras, not only feels really uncomfortable to me (I barely wore one in high school, and stopped as soon as I was out of high school) but I just feel like the confining nature of it can’t be good for these do-gooders.  Some information is out there, but it is not sufficiently scientifically back up (check out this book if you want a little scare about the whole thing) to prove it.  However, my gut feeling is that we evolved without bras, we probably are better off without them. 🙂

So, I wear an awkward looking shirt.  My breasts don’t look perky and probably will never look much more perky than right now.  I’m OK with that.  In fact, I think it’s hot, sexy and wonderful.  I hope that more people come to that realization and that women can start to feel comfortable with our saggy ladies, celebrating how far down they sag instead of how perky they are.  Remembering that the farther they sag down our bodies, the more we have provided to the future of our Earth, to our children.

If you are looking for for information and/or about the amazing wonders of breastfeeding please check out:

La Leche League

Kelly Mom

Nursing Mother’s Council




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23 04 2010
sarah g.

the other night i was watching a nature show (about monkeys) set deep in an African jungle. near the research station there was a small village of just women & children, who had chosen to live without men. it was so powerful these 3 generations of women & little ones of all ages. as the researchers headed back after doing some trade with the village, one remarked, “did you notice one of the grandmothers breastfeeding a baby? i’ve never seen that before…”

what an amazing gift that our breasts can just keep giving, and giving, and giving ❤

25 04 2010

You cannot be serious about the cancer thing. I can’t believe you wrote that.

25 04 2010

My views on health, and cancer, are quite different than mainstream allopathic thinking. I believe that mind/body/spirit do not exist separately and so things that help on a spiritual/emotional level also help on a physical level. There is a growing body of scientific evidence to back this up.
Thanks for stopping by!

3 07 2010

I blogged about the risks of wearing a bra and how going braless actually helps your breasts look better.
I’m glad to have found your post, what you said is not only true, but if more and more women know about this, the more likely acceptance of not wearing a bra, breastfeeding and women not being ashamed of their bodies because they don’t fit a certain model will be.
Here is a link to my post:
and for the person that thinks bra’s don’t cause cancer… the studies are showing that they do and it has already been proven that compressing the vessels that drain the lymph nodes anywhere in your body will make you sick. We take antibiotics to fight the infection and sometimes have to have the whole lymph node removed. No reason in the world a bra is needed unless you are doing strenous excersize such as running or jumping.

25 09 2014

Thank you. That’s certainly the best quote I’ve ever seen about breasts: “I hope that more people come to that realization and that women can start to feel comfortable with our saggy ladies, celebrating how far down they sag instead of how perky they are. Remembering that the farther they sag down our bodies, the more we have provided to the future of our Earth, to our children.”
As a person who has enjoyed the beauty of saggy breasts ever since, well, many years ago, I have been continually baffled at A) the worry many women have about getting saggy and B) the attitude of some men that perky is best. I want to be clear on this: All shapes and sizes from very perky to very saggy to tiny to large, they’re all beautiful creations. However, just as some prefer blonde/brunette/red hair or blue/brown/hazel eyes or tall/medium/short stature, for as long as I can remember saggier breasts have been the most attractive to me, and especially the smallish saggy-down-to-there shape. I didn’t choose it; you don’t choose preferences, whether sexual, or any other taste/smell/sight/sound preferences. It just is. And to me it makes sense. How many women would you want their husband to look like he did when he was 14 or 15? A simple internet search will show that many men and women prefer a softer looking bustline (check out tumblr sites for saggy, and sites where women commiserate about sagginess and others reply to say don’t worry; they prefer that softer shape). What is so attractive about saggier breasts? Answering that requires words and words are so important. Look up saggy in a dictionary and you will find many negative words. It’s time to take back the language in regards to saggy breasts and start emphasizing the positive words. Some time spent with an on-line thesaurus has yielded many positive words that (to me) are more applicable to a lower and softer, rather than a higher and firmer bustline, and especially when brafree and natural. (I’d love to read an article by Ms. Everydayinfinity about this). Anyway, here goes:
able, accomplished, agile, ample, animated, at ease, bouncy, bountiful, calming, capable, carefree, casual, comfortable, comforting, competent, cultivated, curvaceous, developed, easy-going, elegant, enriched, experienced, flowing, flexible, free-spirited, graceful, healthy, independent, informal, jiggly, laid-back, liberated, limber, lithe, natural, nimble, nurturing, perfected, pacifying, playful, pliant, refined, relaxed, seasoned, serene, shapely, sleek, slender, slinky, smooth, soft, soothing, springy, streamlined, supple, svelte, tactile, tender, uninhibited, unregulated, unpretentious, willowy. That’s a start; any additions?

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