My Butt Loves New Underwear

14 04 2010

I’m really appreciative of all the positive feedback that I received from yesterday’s post.  It makes me more confident to continue to express my thoughts about these “taboo” ideas – to air out the laundry and get the fresh, clean energy of a real revolution stirring. 🙂

Last night I went to a meeting for a group I am part of called the Sacred Whores.  It is a small group of women who are working to put together erotic artistry, through dance, performance and art.  Instead of doing the classic “burlesque” approach to eroticism, we’re taking on a really spiritual and holistic approach.  In fact, most of the members of the group are reiki masters (myself included).

It was so refreshing to sit down with these women and discuss our ideas, learn from each other and bring together real, healthy ideas on sexuality, sensuality and eroticism.  We talked about how the basis for really sensuality is confidence, something that many women these days are lacking.  It was interesting to share with each other what we felt our strengths were, and how we like to accentuate them in our lives.  All of us agreed that our booties were one of our hottest features.

Which reminds me that I have come a long way.  I remember being 14 and coming home one day crying to my mother.  The kids at school were not very kind to me and often mocked my big booty, joking about how I must be wearing a bustle under my pants to have such a big ass. (etc etc).  This was pretty crushing for my 14 year old self, and I told my mother that I would never have a boyfriend because my butt was too big.

She replied, calming and lovingly, that my big booty was super sexy to men, but that the boys who I was around were too immature to appreciate it.  She reassured me that when I was 30, I would be beating men off of me because my body type would be so attractive.  Of course, when I was 15, this was a crushing blow! “No boyfriends until I’m 30!  I’m going to die before then!” (ah the teen melodrama of it all).

Now, I look fondly at my ass and love its fullness and roundness and its ability to stick out further than any other part on my body.  It has a firm power and a soft squishiness.  It fits better in skirts cause pants never account for its grandeur, which suits me just fine.

And what better gift to give my fair booty than a new pair of underwear?

Today, I got around to the underwear making process.  It was quite simple.  I followed the instructions I found on this fine video from Threadbanger:

I was going to use a silk shirt, but it was a women’s shirt and was too small for my large bum.  So I went to a thrift store and bought a nice rayon shirt for $2.  The whole project took me about 1.5 hours, with tons of interruptions from Life, and a couple strange hiccups from Stella.  I would say that, once I got the pattern figured out, they were pretty darn easy to make.

Here are the shots of the undies immediately after sewing the last stitch:

The greatest news is that they are really comfortable!  I have the back of this shirt to work with too, so tomorrow, or maybe later tonight, depending on my inspiration factor, I will make another pair.  Little A says that she wants some too, just like mama.  So, maybe I’ll make some toddler underwear too.




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