Embroidery bliss

12 04 2010

Today was an early start, with a meeting at 8:30 am.  Little A took a nap yesterday with her daddy and so was up until 11:30.  She was not that interested in getting up.  However, after a thorough boob-rubbing session, she was persuaded to wake.

The meeting didn’t go well.  Or, at least, it didn’t go the way that I had hoped, and now, I am, again, stuck in a “funny” financial situation.  However, as soon as I got out of my meeting, E called me and we made plans to go to the “crazy store” (aka, the Len’s Mills Store) for fabric, transfer paper, and more embroidery floss.

The Len’s Mills Store is, as you may recall, the place that I got my sewing machine.  I was much more prepared this time for the insanity of it all.  But first, the Bibles for Missions thrift store.

Now, generally, I’m not too into supporting missionary work into African countries.  However, I am also not too into WalMart, who now own Value Village.  After Walmart bought them out, the prices became pretty rich for second hand items.  Bibles for Missions is the best selection in Guelph, as well as the best prices.  And, it just happens to be next to the Len’s Mills store.  So, now some poor Africans will have more bibles thanks to me.  It is my hope that they will find some universal truths somewhere in there. 🙂

Bibles for Missions revealed some fabric for sewing underwear and other fun projects (my list of projects is expanding faster than I can make them…) as well as a few bags of embroidery floss for $1 each or less!  SCORE!

There are so many things I love about embroidery, one of which is the affordability factor.  It is really a cheap hobby!

We then went to the Len’s Mills store and got more embroidery floss!  Bliss.  I have at least four projects planned after my current one, which I’m hoping will be done by the end of the week.  I bought floss for these projects which include: a hummingbird for my mother for Mother’s Day, a yoni design on underwear, a goddess/tree drawing that I did before I got pregnant and an earth on underwear too.

Yesterday, I went to a goddess gathering/clothing exchange at a friend’s house.  I got some amazing new clothes and met a wonderful goddess who also stitches.  She was telling me about her inspiration to embroider underwear, which, of course, inspired me along the same lines.  I also am going to start making my own underwear because I really don’t want to give my money to Fruit of the Loom or some other similar company.


E and I then had lunch together with our little ones, and headed to the park for an afternoon of stitching in the park.  It was great to stitch with E because we had been doing so separately, and this was our first opportunity to stitch together.  She’s making a beautiful heart design for her mother for Mother’s Day.

Another thing I love about embroidery is the ability to pick it up and put it down so easily.  You can literally so three or four stitches and then do something else, like push your toddler on a swing.  And while I’m rhyming off more things I love about embroidery, I love the portability of it.  It’s so easy to just bring a little bag to the park and stitch while little A is playing.

It is so nice for me to have an outlet and opportunity for creativity.  I find that writing, which I love to do, is hard to get into with fairly regular interruption.  Painting or other arts are generally also hard to get into with regular interruptions and require a certain type of space to get into (one that you can get covered in paint, specifically).  Cooking is fun, but also gets to be somewhat monotonous, as I have to do it everyday.  Embroidery is something that I can do anywhere, for short periods if necessary, and that I can express myself creatively through.

I have started a piece for little A from the embroidery book, for her meditation cushion.  She picked it out and every time she sees me working on it she says “awwww, that’s for me!” and smiles so dearly.  I love being her mother!

This is where it is at right now:

I started by basting the whole piece because the pile of the fabric is fairly thick, so other transfer methods were not the useful.  It is a little bit challenging because it’s sometimes to see the pattern, but it seems to be going quite well.  I have done all the green outlining and am now on the green filling part.

As a bit of an aside, while I was writing this post little A made a little “home” for Homie, our little dog.  The home is constructed of all the fabrics I picked up today, as well as a bunch of lego towers.  This is a picture of little A, Homie and his “home”.




2 responses

12 04 2010
Sarah Christina

Oh my god Meme!!! Look at her!!!!!! WOW!!! Oh dear. I have to see you guys again!!1 It’s been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long!

13 04 2010

she’s a giant, I know!! considering last time we saw you she was just crawling. I don’t know when we’re going to get back out west, or if you can get here. Things are a little busy right now. ;o)

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