Gettin’ better all the time

8 04 2010

Well, first of all, I want to to say that last night I got my first “stranger” posting a comment on my blog!  Welcome Janet!

This seems pretty big to me because it means that other people are reading this blog.  Blogging is kind of like being on the radio (which I did for 3 years some time ago) in that you are broadcasting but have no way of knowing who is going to hear you.  I like it!

Today was about things in my life improving:  my living situation is coming together, my embroidery skills are way better than yesterday and my hips aren’t in incredible, random pain anymore!

I am moving on May 1st, out of the apartment that I live in with Chris, little A and our dog, Homie.  I am going to be living in a two bedroom apartment a short walk away from here, in the same building as Chris, but different apartments.  We hope, in this way, to maintain a coherence of the concept of “family” for little A, while having our separate lives.  While this is not the average way of breaking up from the father of your child, I think it is going to make for a rather happy situation.

Today, I was able to get a little bit further along the financial stability tracks.

Also, I got some cleaning and packing done, which helped ease my mind.  I’m a little uneasy about going through the inevitable “yours or mine” game with our belongings.  Luckily, we don’t own that much so it will be easier than most, I feel.

After getting a bunch of cleaning and packing done, I took a break to embroider.  Today, I took the advice and went with a backstitch outline to guide me more.  It helped so much!  (maybe even more so if my backstitch had been straight!)

I also took way more time with each stitch this time, and I felt, at certain points, that I was finding a rhythm and really figuring out the spacing of satin stitch.  This is a close up of my work yesterday:

You can see how it is fairly uneven width, as well as spacing.

This is a close up of my work today:

You can see how the width is much more even (thanks to the guiding back stitch) but also that the spacing is much more consistent.  I think that the main inconsistencies were coming from threads being uneven within the main thread.  I don’t really know how to fix that one, maybe better thread?  dividing the thread first?  Any embroidery buffs want to help me out on that one?

Anyways, I feel way more confident than yesterday.  I feel like I actually am tapping into the morphogenic field and feeling the energy of many grandmothers guiding my fingers and allowing patience to flow through me.  I love feeling like I am creating something so slowly and with so much mindfulness.  It is a great meditative practice, that I can actually do while mothering.  This is how far I got today, as of right now:

I feel like this particular design might be finished by the end of tomorrow, if I have the time!  I’m excited to present the finished work to you all!

And, through the simple changing of my chair that I sit in to do computer stuffs, I have been able to ease some of the pain in my hips.  For the last several days, my hips have been a source of intense discomfort for me.  Last night I could barely fall asleep.  Luckily, I have calcium and magnesium which, invariably, sends me to dreamland.  I woke up realizing that it was caused by the place where the chairs I have been sitting on hit my thighs.  This morning, I changed my chair and spent significantly less time on the computer.  Tonight: my hips feel fine!

It really makes me want to get a super chair.  Chris got one this fall, because he is a programmer and spends all his time in his chair.  But, to me, it makes sense for all our furniture to be built to support our bodies in good posture.  I want every piece of furniture I have to promote and stabilize good posture in myself and those who come to visit my home.  For computer work (though I don’t do that much of it) it doesn’t make sense to do it from a meditation cushion.  So, my other options are pretty substandard chairs.  But, $1500 for a chair?  to blog in?  Maybe if I start making some serious money doing so (one can always hope).  It’s one of those things that seems worth the excessive expense.  I mean, I only have one body and want to treat it like the divine temple it is.

I guess I should start a change jar now. ;o)




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9 04 2010

Totally AWESOME Meme! LOVE IT!

9 04 2010


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