Water falls from the sky!

5 04 2010

It really is a miracle.  One that, I feel, most people in North America are pretty detached from.  Water, in the form of rain, snow, sleet, ice or a combination thereof, falls from the sky.


Except that in the past few months, in Ontario, it hasn’t.  It is the first time on record, in Northern Ontario, that no precipitation has fallen.  It is the driest winter on record in Guelph.  This spring we saw dryness like no other with record temperatures 25 degrees Celcius above normal.

When rain is forecast to fall, I hear the grumbling start.  City folks are grumpy because they are missing another beautiful day outside.  “Isn’t this beautiful weather we’re having?”  I hear.  Why yes, I think, for July, not April.

I wonder sometimes about the metaphysical causes of climate change.  As I like to look at the world, not just as a material existence, but one of thoughts, emotions and consciousness also cocreating reality, I wonder what the roots of climate change are.

My friend Lee says that climate change is caused by the speeding up of things.  We live in a fast-paced world and all the speeding up of life in general leads to climate change, as heat is a byproduct of things going faster.

Another friend thinks that it is the Earth’s balancing, kicking us off the planet by making it uninhabitable for us.

Another friend hypothesizes that climate change is caused by general lack of appreciation for the gifts of the cycles of weather.  People always seems to complain on days when it rains/snows/is cold etc. and wish the weather was warm.  So, the climate is changing to accommodate that viewpoint.   “Ask and ye shall receive.”

This last one resonates with me, mostly because of all the complaining I see.  Even with a drought on our heels, I have heard complaints about the possibility of rain.

So, I gently say “hey, it’s water, falling from the sky.  Ask someone in Kenya, where they have experienced a seven year drought what they think of you complaining about water falling from the sky.  We need it to live, you know?”

I want to organize rain dances.  I want to be out in the rain, drenching my skin in the beauty of precipitation.  I want to run around naked and feel the water cooling my skin until I shiver with delight.  This will be the gratitude that I give to the wonder of rain.  This will be my testament to the abundance of water.




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