10 reasons why yoga rocks my world

2 04 2010

Before I birthed, I was doing yoga nearly everyday.  I did my own practice and meditation, led by myself.  I went, occasionally, to group classes, but rarely found a teacher I resonated with.  I would take occasional private lessons to find the proper alignment of the postures I was interested in.

After I birthed, I rarely had an opportunity to do yoga at home or away.  Try as I might, I just couldn’t force myself up at 5 am every morning after a totally broken sleep, nor could I motivate myself to do yoga at 9 or 10 at night, after little A had gone to sleep.

When Chris and I broke up earlier this year, I had my first, full “day off”.  Sitting in a local cafe, I wondered what to do with my day, other than drinking tea, journalling and generally just basking in silence.  I started going through all the things that I used to do on a regular basis before I birthed: dancing, meditation, yoga.

I quickly searched the local yoga studios and found that the only ones that offered daily classes were hot yoga studios: Moksha and Bikram.  Bikram’s has never appealed to me, as the founder attempted to patent the sequence of postures.  Patenting a universal healing technique and lifestyle never seemed to resonate with me.  So, it was off to Moksha Yoga.

After my first class I couldn’t understand how I had gone without doing yoga everyday.  So, today, I offer you just ten, of the many reasons that yoga rocks my world.

1.  Yoga provides an great opportunity to be present.  When I am on the mat, doing yoga, there is nothing else I have to be doing or thinking about.  It allows me to be fully present with what is happening in my mind, body, emotions and energy.

2.  Yoga allows me to connect with my breath for a set period of time.  While I do have “mindfulness reminders” in my life to remind me to stop and breathe (a sign at the top of my stairs, when cell phones ring in public), yoga gives me an opportunity to just be with my breath for a prolonged period of time.  Breathing helps me stay calm, grounded and present to my life.

3.  Yoga reminds me to maintain good posture.  Modeling good posture to little A is so important to me.  I want her to be able to see what good posture looks like so that she can experience the ease of good posture from a young age.

4.  Through yoga, I actually learned how to stand up properly.  Now, this may seem like a no brainer, but I honestly didn’t know until about a month ago.  In case you were like me, the way you stand up “properly”, ie: holding your own weight up easily, is by pulling your belly button into your spine and pulling up on your PC muscles.  By doing this, your shoulders instantly come back, and down, your pelvis tucks under and your spine straightens.  I always knew that strong core muscles were key to standing up straight, but I did understand how to use them.

5.  Yoga builds my upper body strength and keeps my breastfeeding breasts nice and supple.  Yup, I really liked having big breasts while breastfeeding.  Before I was pregnant, my breasts were so small that no matter how much I squished, cleavage was impossible to achieve.  Now that we are weaned, my breasts have shrunk significantly, but are getting new shape through building up of my pectoral muscles.  I love having a really beautiful, curvy, fit body.  It makes me feel sexy, confident and healthy!  Delicious!

6.  Yoga gives me a chance to experience my emotions.  While on the mat, I really make it my space.  There is nothing that I prevent myself from doing.  If I need to just be in Shavasana the entire time, then I do.  If I need to spend half the time crying, then I do.  It gives me the opportunity to experience my emotions, release them and move on, which is such a blessing while going through a break-up and life transition.

7.  Yoga increases my flexibility.  This makes my body feel wonderful!

8.  Yoga helps me stay physically fit.  I love this feeling.  It is so important to care for the body temple, to treat it like the sacred vessel it is.  Yoga really brings that into light, by increasing muscle strength, cardiovascular strength and flexibility.

9.  Yoga makes me a better mother.  It allows me some time to ground, thereby making me more present, more compassionate, more able to receive the beautiful gift of my daugher.

10.  Yoga is Love.  It brings me to a wonderful place of openness, vulnerability and expansiveness where I am more able to experience Love.




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