body wise

31 03 2010

So, my body is telling me to slow down: nausea, muscle aches, sinus congestion…

Our bodies are so wise.  Sometimes I have to remember to step back and allow its perfection to exude.

It’s amazing that my mind will sometimes try to force my body to be a certain way.  I think that’s how I got into this current situation.  I kept telling my body to keep going, keeping moving, don’t stop and pay attention to how you actually feel.

Now, I can’t ignore it.  So I must sit with the sensations and allow my body to come back into balance.  Again, the forest is a perfect place for this.

Little A seems pretty understanding.  She was vomiting this morning as well, so she’s into the laid back pace that I’m going at.  We’ve been drinking chamomile tea all day and cuddling.  It’s very nourishing.  Yet, there is still a part of me that wants to keep going: “Go to your mother’s, finish your laundry.”

However, I’ve started listening.  Breathing more.  Being still.  Being grateful for my body, even as it aches.  Being present in my experience.

So, today, short post.  Tomorrow, another day.




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