And I know we’re going to have to fix the roads….

28 03 2010

There’s a great Sarah Harmer song called “Escarpment Blues” and it goes:

“If we blow a hole in my backyard, everyone is going to runaway

The creeks won’t flow, from the Great Lakes below

will the waters in the well still be OK?”

The title of this post is a line from the song.  It was running through my head today as I drove up North with my Dad, step-mom, daughter and little dog.  We were on our way from southern Ontario to a little village on the Canadian Shield, in Northern Ontario.

From Guelph to Commanda we traveled down major highways, highlighting the car-centric culture of North America: huge box stores, vast expanses of grey pavement, warehouses to receive products from trucks and store them before they are picked up by other trucks to go somewhere else, suburban communities of identical houses etc etc etc….

From my community-oriented neighbourhood, within walking distance of downtown, I can sometimes forget the vastness of the system of cars.  It stretches farther than I can conceive and touches life in ways that I feel I can’t change.

Entering Northern Ontario via Hwy 11, you encounter a 41 km stretch of construction: expanding the two lane highway to a four lane.  We saw it in different stages of completion, from the initial clear-cut to blasting through 400 million year old rock, to filling in wetlands for roads.  There are line ups of huge yellow machines, ready to plow over any earthen obstacles they encounter.

I realize that the system builds the system builds the system.  It perpetuates itself like any other organism – reproduces to create more of itself.

And, I accept, in some deep, spiritual sense, that this is part of the perfection of the whole of creation.

Sometimes the saying “ignorance is bliss” comes into my mind.  I feel like I know too much and my life is bombarded with things that are way out of my control.  Sometimes I wish I didn’t know that MSG was poisonous, or the extent that our bodies are being poisoned.  I know that information brings empowerment, and by being educated, I can make choices that are beneficial to the whole of existence.  I believe in conscious reality creation, through informed and conscious decision making.

And I also understand the co-creative factor.  That’s the part that I can sometimes get stuck on.

How am I going to explain it to my little A, sleeping beside me in the car seat.  How do I tell her that we pave over wetlands, even though they are integral to clean water to drink?  How do I explain cars, with their polluting, consumptive and destructive tendencies?  How do I explain that arable land for food growing is being paved over to make way for stores that offer foods that poison us and products that enslave humans around the other side of the world?

Everyday I give thanks that Ariadne hasn’t started asking these questions yet, because I don’t have an answer for her.  “Life is the great mystery,” is the best I can come up with.  We keep moving forward, keep working towards balance, harmony and Love.  We do our best.

I want to be able to tell little A that I did my best.




One response

29 03 2010

To know about the poison or be happily oblivious?

Tell yer kid you’ll be going for an electric car. Push out the energy and awareness of p2p style electric grids (solar/wind combo selling back to the hydro company would rock, redundant power supplies).

Ya it’s all just a dream at this point. We’ve yet to outright ban styrofoam (and no caps for you styrofoam! bad product! word press bugging me it’s spelled wrong, says /w cap is correct, lmao)

Told lies every day to get us on the wrong side of things. How gasoline cars are still legal is beyond me (nuclear power is not cool in any case but if it’s there already, better to wipe out 50% of the polution and rely on that for the electric till solar/wind can produce enough for demand on a national/global scale)

I still feel the “achilles heel” of the greedy corps buying our laws will be when normal people “every day vote”.

Like reading the news except it’d be reading people’s votes on proposed laws, and generating stats to combat really bad policies making poisons essentially legal (even if still immoral).

Keep up the fight, love the blog on facebook. 🙂

One day you’ll tell yer kid we now vote along side our “leaders” in every day affairs. That Linux style Open Source code protects the vote by disclosing 100% transparency of how it all works to better defend it vs the next attack.

That your once again proud to pay taxes because you can SEE 100% where it all goes of OUR money.

If any platform should win in our govt I’d pray Open Source Party winning govt! 😀

(and there’s MY little rant for ya Amelia. :D)

Thanks for getting my day going!

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