The Story of a Sewing Machine

22 03 2010

For the past several weeks I have been really wanting to get back into sewing my own costumes.

Before I birthed, I created wonderful garments.  Eccentric creations of all sorts, mostly sewn by hand (as it is rather tricky to backpack with a sewing machine and backpacking is what I was doing before I birthed).  I transformed boring value village scores into creative, adorned garments fit for the Goddess herself.  This is a picture of me in one of my favourite maternity outfits, my womb dress.

Then, I had a baby.  I was lucky, until about 6 months ago, if I washed my hair once a week.  If my clothes had easy access to my breasts and were comfortable, they were approved as part of my wardrobe.  Most of my clothes came from my mother, who handed me down some wonderful garments, which were more suited to the middle-aged woman that she is, than the spunky 20-something I am.  But, I accepted them with gratitude and grace, because honestly, I had NO time to think, much less care, about how I looked.

But now my daughter is weaned, and sleeping through the night (!!!!!) most nights and I have a little more time and space to think about how I look.  And I don’t want to dress like a middle-aged woman anymore.

However, I do not have the time to be sewing by hand anymore.  There was a day in the winter where I tried that, and quickly stopped as little A spread the contents of my sewing basket around the living room and unraveled most of my thread.

I knew it was time for a sewing machine.  This thought somewhat daunted me, as I have had strenuous relations with sewing machines in the past.  However, my dear friend E, a wonderful seamstress, assured me that if I got a new machine, it would be easy as can be.

So, today, I ventured forth into the world, with the lovely lady E and little A, and bought a new (actually, factory refurbished..) sewing machine.

The journey started with arriving at Len’s Mills Factory Outlet, a discount fabric store.  Now, I have never been to this store before, though I’ve wanted to for a while.  It is a BIG box store, full of fabric, notions, yarn, clothing and a random assortment of other strange things that you find in discount factory outlet stores.

This is one aisle (where E and little A are hanging out):

One thing that you need to know about me is that I am NOT a consumer.  I am overwhelmed by the thought of shopping in big stores and most of my things I make myself, freecycle, or find at thrift stores.  This picture is half of one of hundreds of aisles, exploding with THINGS.  New things.  Places like this get me thinking in terms of resource use/depletion, social inequity (what were those workers paid who made all these things in China?) and general dismay with the overconsuming gluttony of our society. Little A is screaming “more orange mama” and “Me love yarn mama” and laughing hysterically.  When I ask her if she’s feeling a little overwhelmed too she shrieks “YA!”

Unlike her glorying in the feeling, I feel more like this:

E, seeing my expression quickly offered an out. “We can leave if you need to.”  She said.

But, I am on a mission to find a sewing machine, so, I centre myself, breathe and accept this too, as part of Divine reality.  Look at all these amazing things that we as humans have created!  We are such inventive and creative beings, that we can come up with all of this to exist in our worlds.  And, I feel that at least this isn’t in the garbage and has ended up at an discount factory outlet store.

We find the sewing machine, a simple Brother brand, factory reburbished for the low price of $119.99.  (ouch!)

I have come to learn in my travels through this life that money doesn’t have to limit us, if we don’t let it.  The key is, not letting it, which is most of our default setting. I have no job (yet!), no source of income (yet!) other than the pittance that the government gives to women who have borne children.  Though I am grateful to our government, it’s hardly compensation for mother’s work.  Yet, I believe that sewing will be the start of something abundant, something I can acquire more resources with.  It is an investment, not only in my creative expression, but in my financial abundance.

Somewhere along the way, we have lost little A’s stuffed platypus

which she carries around inside her jacket.  At this point we have been on the bus, walked through a thrift store, ran to the Len’s Mills store and have been inside for about 15 minutes.  It had fallen out but little A kept a pretty good cool about things.  “It’s OK mama,” she says “me get new one with daddy.”   I’m glad that kids (and specifically mine) can be so resilient and accommodating at times when a freak out just can’t be handled.

We eventually find our way to the cash, after E has bought some amazing purple and blue veil material for a tutu (which I am going to beg to borrow when it is finished!) and take a final look around for platypus before eventually piling in a cab.  I didn’t bring my rickety cart because I overestimated the size of sewing machines.  Next time (though I hope that’s not for a long time, unless it’s a present for a friend) I will take my cart.

Here she is (in her current resting place, my kitchen table… working on that one!):

It took me just under an hour (with toddler negotiations of: 2L of water spilled on the floor under the fridge, 4 spools of thread unwound and the removal of all but one piece of clothing) to thread the bobbin, the needle and have my machine ready to go.  I think I will save my first project for tomorrow.

Tonight I will eat organic chocolate and relish in the first day of my moon cycle.

Tomorrow, we can learn to sew together.

Good night!




4 responses

22 03 2010
Elsa picture of guy-who-sold-you-a-sewing-machine! I’m so excited that you’re all set! can’t wait to play/teach you how to use that thing!

23 03 2010

I didn’t want to write a novel…. so the guy with the sewing machine got excluded. LOL! I’ so excited to learn/play from you too!!

20 06 2012
Monica Erosa

Please notice “Abundance” painting is ©2008 Monica Erosa, please credit to the artist with the link to, not to “this blog”
With love and gratitude
Monica Erosa

20 06 2012

Sorry Monica! It’s all done now! Thank you so much for the use of it, what a beautiful work of art!

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