This Spring I welcome….

21 03 2010

There are some words that I’d like to welcome, not only Spring, but this Blog into the world with (in no particular order):





I want to plant these seeds in my life, and in this blog, and watch them flower and grow into a lush garden of centered spirtuality, grounded in the delight of the gifts of Here and Now.

I am committing to this Blog.  Everyday I will be posting a little tidbit of my experience of Now and Here.  I am committing to creating a life of abundance.  I am committing to following the guidance that I have received from the Infinite Source of Life. I am committing to my journey, with its wide assortment of experiences.

I am surrendering to Life, to Love and to this moment.  Surrendering, in the sense that I am allowing Life and Love and this Moment to truly Be.  With Gratitude, Acceptance and Grace, to the best of my abilities, in every moment.  I am surrendering to the knowledge that sometimes, I may not surrender immediately.

I am finding Patience.  Patience to sit down everyday and find something I want to share with the world.  Patience with the fact that life is an eternal process.  It keeps going even if I think I’m done, so, obviously, I’m not.  I am finding patience in knowing that there is no finish line and so I never need to race there.

I am worshiping this creation.  Acknowledging that every moment is divine. Every being is God/Goddess.  Every person has the spark of Love within them.  I am bowing down before that and offering my worship at the feet of existence.  I am so grateful that I get the opportunity to do so.

And now that I have made a grand proclamation to the World, let’s get on with Life.  Little A is asleep and the dishes still have to be done.  The dog chewed up yet another pine cone – a gift from little A.  I have to wash my hair and probably the bathtub too.  And through this, I take this proclamation of Spring and nurture the seeds.  Let’s watch them grow together.

Thanks for being here and sharing in my Life.




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